A message from Theresa in Ethiopia  

Dear Friends and family,
This is a quick email to let you know that the computer system at Bingham has been even more of a nightmare than usual.  We are having a lot of problems which means that our system is down most of the time at the moment.  I've managed to grab some time just now before our computer guys shut down the computers completely for an extended period of time so they can try and fix our network. 
Therefore, the reason I am touching base as I know you haven't heard from me in a while and my next prayer letter is all ready to go but I've been told I can't send it just yet.  Be assured as soon as the system is up and running I will get it to you.  Please remember me in your prayers.
Here a few prayer requests to keep you going until the letter arrive:
  • my very good friend Erica is ill and had to go back to the States for an operation, we are not sure when she will return
  • the SIM director of Ethiopia has been diagnosed with leukemia, please pray for him and his family as he undergoes treatment
  • this is the time of the year I organise and administer the high school mock examinations; with no computer network I will be struggling to get everything organised on time
  • I am still quite tired after being ill last term, pray for my strength and that I will be patient with myself!
I hope you are all well, please feel free to write back  
lots of love Theresa


Anyone who would like Theresa's address please contact us tphdchurch@yahoo.co.uk


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