Thank You from Chipo and her Family  

Dear Church,


This is our dear Chipo, the beautiful girl that you blessed with a gift that will last eternity in our hearts. Love is infectious. Your love did not just touch Chipo but everyone around Chipo and Christ Himself (Matthew 25:34-40) 


 It did not only bring joy to us but it came with peace to the entire family. Words cannot express what is in our hearts. Peace brings healing. Chipo's mum is now a happy person because its easier for her to transfer Chipo from the chair to bed - toilet.  Before she used to lift her from the floor and it was hard work because as you can see Chipo is now a big girl.


Chipo is now able to go out and mix with other kids because she is mobile, before she was house bound and inactive.


All we want say to you in our simple language is THANK YOU and may our good Lord continue to bless you.


God richly bless you,


The Nyamuzingas

A happy Chipo in her chair!

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