Rev Eric Alexander on his 50th Anniversaryof his licensing to preach the gospel.

The link between Eric J Alexander and Trinity Possil and Henry Drummond Church in Glasgow,  as it is now known, spans  over  50 years.

Mr Alexander preached the Rev William G Beattie (3rd minister) in to the charge of Trinity Possil Church in 1957.  After a very full ministry, and occasional visits to Trinity Possil through out this period, Mr Alexander again returned to the pulpit of Trinity Possil and Henry Drummond Church in 1995 when he preached the Rev Richard G Buckley (6th minister)  into the charge of Trinity Possil and Henry Drummond Church.

After his retirement the congregation were honoured and blessed to have Mr and Mrs Alexander join our church and enjoy fellowship with them regularly. 

Eric Alexander now has his own website in which many of his sermons and other information can be found. 


The website address is



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