Rev Angus Jack

Minister 1954 - 1957

  Rev Angus Jack  (1954)

In 2006  with the help of a friend in Canada, T.P.H.D. managed to track down the Rev Angus Jack  to Vancouver B.C.  
Mr Jack's daughter, Moyra  has been in correspondence with us and this has continued over the lat few years - below are extracts from e-mails recieved from Moyra with updates and photos of  Angus.

 Rev Angus Jack at his home in Vancouver Canada in 2007 -  aged 90 years old

Hello, Isabel. It was great to hear from your friend Anne Cameron today . My Dad, Angus, was indeed the minister of Trinity Possil from 1954 to 1957. My late mother, Davina (she died in March of 2005) and my younger sister Dorothy and I were the rest of the family who came to Trinity Possil with Dad, from his first charge at Torrance (1949 to 1954).
I do have a vague recollection of the manse at Trinity Possil and today I had a look at the small photo of the kirk which is on my Dad's bookshelf in his room at the lovely nursing home,Courtyard Gardens, where he now lives,in Richmond, British Columbia, a town just outside Vancouver.
Angus is now 89 years old and still strong in spirit and faith, though his physical health is declining.He is in a wheelchair and suffers from osteoporosis and mild dementia. He does have wonderful memories of his ministry in Glasgow and later, in Renfrew (Renfrew North Church), when we all returned to Scotland from December 1962 to September 1966.
Needless to say, we returned to Canada once again in 1966 and we have stayed this time ! I would be extremely pleased to correspond further with you and to have you forward this e mail to Rev. Richard Buckley so that I may provide further information on my Dad's most interesting career here in Canada.
Please give Angus's best regards to you mother. I mentioned to Dad today that I would be writing to you and he was pleased that you are still interested in his welfare . God does indeed work in mysterious and wonderful ways and we are truly blessed to have received your kind message ! Attached is a recent photo of Dad, myself and my husband Reg, taken in the Garden at Courtyard Gardens.
I look forward to hearing from you and Richard. God bless you and the work of Trinity Possil.
Warmest regards,
Moyra Dhaliwal (née Jack)
Above: Moyra, Angus and Reg (2006)
Christmas 2007
Angus is doing fairly well, despite several health issues.He recently suffered 2 mini strokes, but thanks to God's grace has largely recovered. We visit him often and recently have started playing some of the great old hymns he loves, sung by the Glasgow Phoenix Choir.He listens with a smile on his face and often ,when a hymn ends ,he gives a rousing "Amen".
He is an inspiration to us and makes us give thanks for all we have.
I attach a couple of photos taken this summer and fall of Dad in the garden and Dad and I at his nursing home.
Please send our regards to all at TPHD. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
Moyra and Reg Dhaliwal and Angus Jack
Moyra and Angus taken 'Fall 2007'

Moyra, Angus and Reg Christmas 2007
Message 2008
I will watch your new site with interest. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of Dad. He is "soldiering on" and we visit him several times each week at the new nursing home he moved to in June this year. It is still in Richmond, near Vancouver and close to us. He never complains and though he is often very quiet now,he manages to surprise us with a few words. I enjoy reading the poetry of Robbie Burns to him and reminding him of the wonderful times in Bonnie Scotland.
Attached is a photo of a painting my Dad painted in the early 1970's. He was always very artistic and once studied at Glasgow School of Art.
Cheerio for now.
Your friend,
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