Christmas 2007


Dear Friends,


May the Lord bless you all richly throughout this Advent season, when we remember the glory and joy of the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and grant to you the richest of his blessings in the New Year.


This past year has been one of surprises and joys not only as families within the congregation but also as a church family. I know also that there have been many sorrow filled times shared amongst us as our loved ones have died and we have shared in and sought to minister to one another in these times. Prosperity and economic growth have not been as we might have hoped and certainly tensions in the world have not diminished but increased in the past year.


Perhaps it is just me and the kinds of books I have been reading but militant godlessness and silencing the Christian voice which we once associated with the worst of the old Soviet Union are so commonplace amongst us that we hardly notice that we have been excluded from the mainstream of British life.


Do you notice that? Have you observed the erosion of Christian values in our society? The Christ child in the manger is now firmly out and Santa centre stage. The Easter bunny and chocolate Easter eggs have replaced the cross and empty tomb. And in Schools these are passed off as Christian festivals.


We need to clear away from our time, our thinking and our celebration anything that eclipses the glory of who was born in the manger, and celebrate the truth with great joy as we remember the Incarnation of the Word of God.  His birth  teaches us what true wealth is, it teaches us how to understand sorrow and eternity, and teaches us what kind of people we ought to be in our Christian church and fellowship.


Love came down at Christmas…’ says the carol. Well then, let this be the time when love truly marks our fellowship and not criticism, helpfulness and not selfishness, and when children are welcomed as Jesus himself welcomed them.


This is the first magazine since May in which to express my sincere and heartfelt thanks to you all and especially those who arranged and went to such trouble to buy the generous and  overwhelming gifts you gave me for my birthday.  I must confess that I am looking forward so much to the flight and do not know whether to hope for a calm and bright day to see the land or for a blustery day to enjoy a more exciting flight.


Thank you all for your kindness and especially for the fellowship we have enjoyed over the past twelve years. May the Lord be pleased to open the floodgates of heaven and grant us a true revival and renewal and see men and women in the area transformed by the power of the Gospel.


I am reliably informed that the new way to end such messages if sent on a mobile phone is like this   :)   or this  ;)   but since I am a minister it might be like this   0:)  

or this   :)0


Yours warmly and sincerely,


Richard G. Buckley




                   40th ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND





Reunion Photo 

Can you find yourself? Or who do you recognise?


Members and friends of the congregation met in the Sanctuary on the evening of Saturday 2nd June 2007.  After a welcome from the Minister, our Fabric Convener, Mr Peter Kay, gave us some of the history of ‘The Roots of our Congregation’. This was followed by a buffet in the Large Hall (many thanks to the ladies!). Back down in the Sanctuary, Rev Sandy Walker shared some of his ‘Memories’ of his time with both congregations. After a solo by our Clerk to the Congregational Board, Mr Robert Wilson, Rev Professor Andrew McGowan led us to think of ‘Hope, Inspiration, and our Future’. On the Sunday, we welcomed new members, and the preacher at the Communion Service was Rev Eric Alexander. After the Service, the Celebratory Cake was cut (and consumed!). Our evening Communion Service was led by Rev Professor McGowan, who also preached the sermon.

A great weekend of praise to our great God!


The 40th Anniversary Celebration Cake, showing the two church buildings.



                                                                                                              Cake photo



The three ministers since the Union of Trinity Possil and Henry Drummond:(l to r) Rev Professor A.T.B. McGowan, Rev R.G. Buckley, Rev A.L. Walker


  Ministers photo

                                   THE ROOTS OF TPHD


Henry Drummond Church was first established as a Free Church mission station in 1877, with a Communion Service in 1878 at which 33 took part, coming originally from other congregations.

Henry Drummond was an elder in Renfield Free Church and Lecturer in Natural Science in the Free Church College in Glasgow. Keen to be involved in missionary work, the Kirk Session asked him to take responsibility for the mission. For the next 4 years he acted as Pastor of the congregation and continued his two great passions of geology and evangelism.

A decision was taken to build a church, which opened for worship in January 1881. Rev William McKillian was inducted as the first minister in November 1882. Before leaving as Missioner, Drummond invited D L Moody to preach in Possilpark. He said, “I had Moody in my church last Sabbath – one of the most wonderful meetings I ever saw. A crowd of my own members stood up at the close and asked to be prayed for”.

 The membership increased steadily from the original 33 to 230 in 1883 and 833 by 1918. By the turn of the century these organisations are recorded: Fellowship Meeting, Bible Class, Sabbath School, Evangelistic Meeting, Prayer Meeting, Young Women’s Meeting, Band of Hope, Boys’ Brigade, Gospel Temperance Meeting, Choir and Foundry Boys Association. The total membership of young people’s organisations at this time is recorded as 1150.

In 1908 the name became “Henry Drummond Memorial Church”, then “Henry Drummond Memorial Church of Scotland” in 1929.


263 men from the congregation enlisted during WWII. A “Memorial Tablet” was placed in the church in honour of those who had fallen. This can now be seen in the vestibule of TPHD.


The Jubilee Celebrations took place in January 1931.Three services were held, including a Young People’s Rally. The main social was attended by 670 at which former ministers and the Moderator of the General Assembly spoke.


Following the Jubilee celebrations some very challenging times came to the congregation. A new church, Trinity Possil, was to be established in the area. The membership of Henry Drummond (737), were expected to relocate to the new site. However, the Kirk Session felt that there were too many churches in the area and declined the offer. The new church was established, and records show that the 2 congregations worked quite closely. Two Elders from Henry Drummond Church were appointed to the provisional Kirk Session of Trinity Possil (one acting as Session Clerk), and for the first 2 years of Trinity Possil’s life they borrowed the Communion silverware from Henry Drummond.

The closing Communion services of Henry Drummond Church were conducted at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on 4th June 1967, with a total of 225 attending. The Thanksgiving service and the final service in Henry Drummond Church was conducted by the Rev A L Walker, assisted by the Rev Keith Spence.


Trinity Possil Church was established as part of the National Church Extension Scheme. The foundation stone was laid in May 1935 and the total cost of the building was £9,634-5-7d. The Church was dedicated in June 1936 with Rev J Hogg as the first minister. The opening services were conducted on Sunday 7th June; with a special service for children.

The first Communion Services were held in October. The membership in the first year was 271, increasing to 623 in 1948; with the following organisations either established or planned: Women’s Guild, Bible Class, Boys’ Brigade, Girls Guildry, Women’s Meeting, Young Worshippers League, Senior and Junior Choirs.

The Church Extension Committee offered 3 communion chairs from the church furnishings used in the Empire Exhibition of 1939. These were dedicated in May of that year.


The Semi-Jubilee of the Congregation was held in June 1961 and comprised a social evening at which the Rev Andrew Herron (who had been present at the opening) was the guest speaker; a Thanksgiving service; and a concert by the Junior Choir. A commemorative brochure was also produced and a parish visitation took place in which 1500 homes were visited.


During the 1960s Henry Drummond Church had a major problem with worsening dry rot. In 1967 Rev W G Beattie left Trinity Possil for Hamilton. As a result Glasgow Presbytery met with both Congregations and by April 1967 a Basis of Union had been reached. The name of the united congregation would be Trinity Possil and Henry Drummond and the date of Union would be Sunday 11th June 1967.

 The final Communion and Thanksgiving services would be held in both churches on Sunday 4th June.

The first meeting of the united Kirk Session was held on 16th June 1967 where the Session consisted of 34 Elders and the combined membership was 874.


In April 1970, following the death of Rev J Hogg, his brother requested that a memorial to him should be placed in the church. This is the stained glass window in the chancel. From Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress”, it depicts Pilgrim fleeing from the City of Destruction. It was dedicated in March 1973.

The Jubilee Programme of Trinity Possil took place in June 1986 and comprised 2 concerts by the choir and friends; a jubilee dinner where the Very Rev Dr Andrew Herron was the guest speaker; and a Communion service.


As a congregation we have much to be thankful for: the ministers of both churches, who by sound biblical teaching and preaching of the word, have maintained a faithful witness, sowing the seed of God’s word from the pulpit over many years and it should be our prayer that that seed will bear fruit and multiply.


 Peter Kay




Mr William Young (“Willie”) comes to us from Sandyford Henderson Memorial Church where he served as Session Clerk. After joining, Willie wrote the following letter:


“Dear Fellow-members!


I take the liberty of calling you ‘fellow-members’, though, strictly speaking, I am only a ‘junior’ member, having joined only at the June Communion service!


It is a tremendous privilege to have become a member of your Church. Since I left the previous Church of which I was a member (after having served there for over 50 years both as Clerk to the Board for 9 years and then for 31 years as Session Clerk until I retired from active service), I continued in that Church for a few years more, before I started to look around for another.


I tried a few places in the North area, but none seemed quite right, until my good friend Rev William Dunlop suggested that I try Trinity Possil and Henry Drummond, whose Minister was Rev Richard Buckley. This I did – and found a church which was ideally suitable! I took to this Church immediately, for not only was the Minister a very gracious person, he was also one of tremendous ability, and his sermons are full of grace and truth. I am very fond of the Buckley family, and I praise God for leading me to Trinity Possil and Henry Drummond.


But there is more! Although my previous Church was very friendly to all who came within its doors, I don’t think there is a warmer, more friendly, more loveable Church than TPHD. I have been almost overwhelmed with the generous caring nature of the good folk at TPHD, and I thank all of you for accepting me into your midst. I do pray for many of you as I’ve come to know you, but most of all I pray that I may become like you in terms of love and affection for others.


May our Good and Heavenly Father richly bless all who read this in coming days!


Yours sincerely,

Willie (Young)”



Do you pay TAX?


If so, have you signed a GIFT AID declaration?


About 40 members and friends of our congregation have, and last year the church received more than £7 000 in repayment of tax!


Amounts both large and small are covered: for example, for every £50 given over the year – and that’s only £1 per week – the church can reclaim £14 in tax!

Even ‘non-taxpayers’ with investment income which is taxed can take part.


A simple declaration requesting that all donations should be treated as GIFT AID DONATIONS is all that is needed.



It doesn’t cost anything extra, and NO PRIVATE DETAILS have to be divulged.




Members and non-members are urged to take part – all information is treated in confidence.


Further details and simple forms are available from Jean Ross






Following our Harvest Thanksgiving Service, we received the following:


Dear Friends in the Congregation!


We give you our grateful thanks for your efforts and generosity in supplying once again part of the supplies that we need to feed the growing numbers of homeless using the Lodging House Mission.


Stan Smith,

Project Leader



                I would like to take the opportunity to let you know that the Women’s Hour is still having very good meetings on a Tuesday Afternoon. Members are keeping up, and we have been blessed with excellent speakers. Thanks to Mrs Harrow who has been so faithful in coming along each Tuesday and giving us beautiful renderings in song.

                At the end of May we had our Annual Outing to Callander for lunch and then on to Perth for High Tea. Weather was a bit disappointing, nonetheless we enjoyed ourselves, especially on the bus coming home, singing choruses, led by our Musical Director, Mrs Crichton.

                On the 6th September, we paid a visit to Robin House in Balloch. We had Morning Tea at Balloch, and the majority of enjoyed a bacon roll, others had macaroni cheese and chips. What a beautiful place Robin House is! We were shown round by the staff, who are dedicated to keeping the terminally ill children in comfort in their short lives.

                We are finishing our session with the visit of Mrs Townsley and the ladies of the Home League Salvation Army.


Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year!


Yours in His Love,

C. Pettigrew




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